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Envisioning the American Dream

 From the New Deal to the New Frontier, Envisioning the American Dream offers a curated collection of vintage advertising and illustrations of mid century American consumer culture that helped define the American Dream and the possibility of its attainment. These images offer a mirror to the fairy tale American dream as presented in a media calculated to sell the dream to the world...and ourselves. Weaving personal stories along with the vintage images the commentaries are an amalgam of satire, history and memoir.


 As new as tomorrow, Mid-Century America served up with a bracing twist of today. An homage to the Real Mad Men of Madison Avenue and Mid-Century American Consumer Culture.

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 Curating the cultural clutter of Mid Century America

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 From the New Deal to the New Frontier a curated collection of the flotsam and jetsam  of the American 20th Century.


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